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Custom Horse Hair Necklaces

We only use real STERLING SILVER, real stones and real Swarovski crystals to make your keepsakes.

Any of these styles can be made with your horse's hair and in any color combination. If you don't have the hair color I can add it in for you. If you would like anything engraved it adds $12 dollars to the cost. They can do up to 18 characters in block or script. I recommend block for the readability.

1.Double Lilly w/CZ $245

2.Triple Lilly w/Turquoise (Pendant not available will be substituted. New pic soon.) $365

3.Art deco heart pendant on Lilly braid. Very Classy! $150 

4.Sterling Silver Choker with Horse Hair Pendant $180 Pendant seperately $60

5.Beautiful Turquoise Filigree slide, reverses to plain silver filigree work. $185

6.**New** Lilly w/Filigree Cross $160
7.**New**Bitty Bit Necklace - available in D-ring, Eggbutt Snaffle or Western Curb $165

8.Matching necklace to the tube bracelet. Can be engraved. $165

9.**NEW** Pretty garnet pendant on horse hair. $125

10.Pink moonstone set on horse hair. Beautiful pendant. $115

11.Cute CZ heart necklace. A favorite of all the little girls. $105

12.Black onyx pendant on a Lilly braid. Goes with jeans or that little black dress! $125

Men's Line and New Women's Necklaces

13.Mens Square Tag necklace. Hearty! Can be engraved. $175

14.Mens thick box braid plain necklace. Add your own pendant. $105

Memory necklace with CZ crusted stone and pendant. $195 includes engraving.

15.Oval Pendant Necklace. $155 Engraveable

16.Swoop Heart Necklace. Lovely. $145

17.**New** half bit with toggle closure. $195

18.Pearl Cross necklace. Look beautiful on your wedding day with the necklace. $175

19.Manly Hammered Cross Necklace. Amen and then some. $160

20.**New**Square CZ necklace. Elegant and simple. $115 

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