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Horse hair jewelry, horse hair mementos, horse hair keepsakes, horse hair art pieces, custom made by High Hopes Designs from your horse's hair.

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Horse hair jewelry is a precious keepsake from your four legged companion. Woven into each piece is not only horse hair, but years of memories and moments with your best friend. Every piece is custom designed to fit your specifications with the highest attention paid to detail and quality.

High Hopes Designs is horse hair jewelry for every horse person. Our mission is to provide a lovely horse hair memento that is affordable to anyone who loves horses, has horses, or has lost horses. Losing a beloved friend is one of the hardest things we as horse owners have to face. If you would love something extra special made from your horses tail, don't wait till they are gone, get it made today. If they have already passed let us help you with the healing process but providing a lasting and beautiful memory of them. 

If you are interested in a custom piece from your horse's hair access the order form, print it out and send the hair in. It's as easy as that to have a special, meaningful piece made from your equine friend. Horse hair jewelry is such a great way to keep our animals with us on a daily basis.  A memorial piece from your animal is so much better than the hair sitting in a ziploc bag in a desk somewhere. Come have a custom piece designed for you today. Let your imagination run wild, any piece can be made in any color combination. If you do not have the horse hair needed for multi colored designs stock horse hair is available.

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